Sea Stars

Looking through clear, bluish seawater, there are 5 sea stars on the seafloor.
STATION K:  During this Online Snorkel Trip, you've certainly seen a good variety of the more common coral reef animals in Virgin Islands National Park.  Start swimming toward shore, but as you go across a sea grass environment, look down.  Notice the Sea Stars (Oreaster reticulatus)below you.  Before you leave their marine environment, as a parting gift they're treating you to a variety of colors.

Caroline Rogers


CONGRATULATIONS! You've completed the Online Snorkel Trip: Corals, Sponges and Creepy Crawlies! Perhaps you'd like to swim a little more and visit the OST: Fish & Turtles. If you've completed either of these make-believe swimming adventures, you may print yourself a Virgin Islands National Park SOS Snorkeler Certificate. If you come to visit the Park, we'd be proud to see your Certificate!

Last updated: May 31, 2016

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