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Fishing or take of any kind is prohibited in the Coral Reef National Monument,
except by NPS issued permit for use only on designated fishing moorings.

Fish in roots of mangroves Caroline Rogers
Figure I
Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument – Anchoring is prohibited and all fishing is prohibited in VICR, except for:
  1. Bait fishing in Hurricane Hole
  2. Blue Runner (hardnose) fishing is only at designated mooring locations near Cabritte Horn Point. Both activities require a special permit from the National Park Service.
For information and regulations regarding the V. I. Coral Reef National Monument (south and northeast sides of St. John, see Figure 1), please contact the U.S. National Park Service at (340) 776-6201.
The rules and regulations for the V. I. Coral Reef National Monument are different from those of the V. I. National Park waters. Please review the NPS & VICR Fishing Guide.

36 CFR 7.46 Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument.
(a) Extractive uses.
  1. All extractive uses are prohibited within the boundaries of the Monument, including, but not limited to, harvest or collection of fish, coastal migratory pelagic fish, baitfish, lobsters, conch, whelk, corals, sponges and all associated reef invertebrates, and sand, water, plants, seeds, fruit, marine mammals, marine birds, gas, minerals, and rocks.
  2. All submerged cultural resources are protected under the Archeological Resource Protection Act and the Abandoned Shipwrecks Act.
  1. Exceptions to prohibited extractive uses are limited to bait fishing at Hurricane Hole and blue runner (hardnose) line fishing in the area south of St. John. The Superintendent shall issue permits for such uses.
  2. Bait fishing shall be permitted with cast net at a distance greater than ten feet from the seaward edge of the mangrove prop root system.
  3. A maximum of three gallons of bait fish is allowed per fisherman per day.
  4. Blue runner shall be caught using hand lines and chum (a mixture of ground up baitfish and sand to attract the fish).
  5. Any fish caught other than blue runner shall be released.
NPS & VICR Fishing Guide

Last updated: May 19, 2017

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