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Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument was specifically designated to protect and preserve 12,708 acres of submerged marine habitat directly adjacent to existing boundaries of Virgin Islands National Park. Within its boundaries exists pristine mangrove habitat, located in a portion of Hurricane Hole and offshore coral reefs and algal plains. The mangrove habitat in Hurricane Holes provides protective and ecologically important habitat for many terrestrial and marine organisms, as well as, refuge for registered boaters during hurricane season. A trip into Hurricane Hole provides visitors with a unique mangrove snorkeling experience where coral, juvenile fish and various marine invertebrates may be found. Hurricane Hole also provides a peaceful soundscape. Visitors can listen to shore bird calls and the wind as it blows through the landscape.

Observe coral, sea turtles, fish, sea plants, and other wildlife. Be mindful that this landscape is delicate and easily harmed. Learn more here about the dangers to coral and the crisis of coral disease facing these underwater landscapes.


Visit the Friend's of VI Park Site for seminars conducted throughout the park and in Coral Reef National Monument.

Last updated: September 27, 2021

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