Trail Manners

As a guest of the National Park Service, and as representatives of the Boy Scouts of America, all hikers must maintain a high standard of conduct along the Scout Trail in order that others may also enjoy the hike. Stay off the paved roads as much as possible. Show courtesy to the people you meet along the way.

In some areas, the Al Scheller Scout Trail runs parallel to privately owned property. Stay on the trail and away from private property. Do not stop at any of the homes along the way, and do not stop to pet dogs or other pets you may encounter.

Carrying firearms, sheath knives, and axes is ILLEGAL. Shooting fireworks, building fires, and smoking on the trail ARE NOT permitted, as wildfires pose a serious threat.

Defacing National Park resources, including monuments, statues, plaques, cannon, walkways, trees, mileposts, signs or any other type of park property is PROHIBITED. Do not leave litter in the park. Pack it in, pack it out — Leave No Trace. Leave only footprints, take away only photographs and memories. Help preserve this historic area for current and future generations.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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