Living History Programs

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Through the Living History Program, you can gain a better understanding of soldier and civilian life during the siege of Vicksburg.

2018 Living History Events:

All events are free to the public, but normal entrance fees to apply. No signup is necessary. Please dress for the elements as most programs take place outside. Please check back frequently as we continue to add events. Are you interested in becoming a living historian, or are you part of a reenactment group who wants to support our program? Contact the Living History Coordinator for more information.

Echoes of the Battlefield (Cannon Demonstrations):

Experience the power and learn from the crews who fired the 12lb Napoleon Cannons.
Programs will take place at the Visitor Center, at 10am and 2pm each Saturday and Sunday from Memorial Day through August 16th.

Learn more about what it takes to fire Civil War Artillery.

The Soldiers' Experience (Musket Demonstrations):

Every Tuesday and Thursday From Memorial Day to August 16th:

The smell of powder, the crack of a musket. Come see our living historians demonstration civil war muskets and learn about the soldiers who carried these weapons into battle.

Programs will take place at the visitor center at 10am and 1pm.

Learn about Firing a Civil War Musket.
women in freedmans bureau tent
Historians portray all aspects of the Civil War at Vicksburg

Living History Events:

February 10, 2018- Freedman's Bureau:
Join Living History Historians at the Shirley House as they facilitate your exploration of the civilian side of the siege. In honor of Black History Month, special emphasis will be placed on discussing the role of the Freedmans' Bureau in support of the education of freed slaves following the Civil War.

March 3, 2018- History on the Battlefield:
Living History interpreters will have a mini encampment at the visitor center in support of the Annual Run Thru History Event. Visitors can explore various aspects of Civil War life, including the life of a soldier, civilians, medicine, and watch spinning demonstrations.

April 21, 2018- Battle of Port Gibson:
To honor the anniversary of the Battle of Port Gibson, Living History interpreters will be present at the historic Shaiffer House in Port Gibson, MS. Interpreters will be demonstrating infantry tactics and the life of a soldier.

May 22, 2018- Forlorn Hope and the Assaults on Stockade Redan:
Join Livings historians at Graveyard Road as they help portray and interpret the direct assaults by General Grant on May 19 and 22, 1863. Historians will be interpreting both the Union and Confederate perspectives. This will take place on the 155th anniversary of the assualt, which began at 10am.

Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-28)
Living History Historians will be demonstrating musket firings on a regular basis from 10am to 3pm at the Visitor Center. Living Historians will partake in the city's Memorial Day Parade and rememberance events on Monday May 28th.

June 30, 2018- The Texas Camel Corps
Doug the Camel and the Texas Camel Corps returns to Vicksburg for public events at the old Superintendent's Quarters. Learn about the role camels played in the siege of Vicksburg.

June 30, 2018- 1st Mississippi Cavalry at the Great Redoubt
Join living historians from the 1st Mississippi Cavalry Group as they portray and demonstrate cavalry tactics and horsemanship at the Great Redoubt, and talk about the role of the 1st Mississippi Cavalry in General Johnston's Army of Relief.

June 30, 2018- Conversations of Home at the Shirley House:
Come have a conversation at 11am and 1pm with our living historians at Tour Stop 2 the Shirley House. Come see the home that survived the Siege of Vicksburg and then was used as a small pox hospital. Living History rangers and volunteers will be interpreting the civilian side of the siege at the only house in the military park that survived the siege.

July 1-4th- 155th Anniversary Events:
Live cannon firing programs will be offered at Battery de Goyler (Tour Stop 1) at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm July 1-4. Simultaneously there will be living history programs representing the Confederate experience across the battlefield in the vicinity of the 3rd Louisiana Redan (Tour Stop 3). Visitors who attend the programs at the 3rd Louisiana Redan will be able to experience the soundwave and percussion wave from the cannon firings. Visitors are encouraged to attend programs at both Battery deGoyler and at the Redan to experience both sides of the siege.

At 4pm on July 3rd and 4th, a park ranger will present a short presentation at the surrender site on Pemberton Avenue, 155 years after the surrender interview between Generals Grant and Pemberton.

July 21, 2018
Doug the Camel and the Texas Camel Corps returns to Vicksburg for public events at the old Superintendent's Quarters. Learn about the role camels played in the siege of Vicksburg.

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