Tour Stop 14 - Fort Garrott

Situated to protect a significant overland route into Vicksburg, Fort Garrott was named after the courageous commander of the 20th Alabama Volunteer Infantry, Colonel Isham W. Garrott.
Fort Garrott ca. early 1900's
Fort Garrott ca. early 1900's
Colonel Isham Garrott
Colonel Isham Garrott
As one of the regiments that garrisoned the fort, the 20th Alabama was, like all other Southern troops, subjected to the constant sniping fire of Federal sharpshooters. Finally frustrated over conditions in the fort —particularly the annoying sharpshooters — Col. Garrott decided to return the compliment. He obtained a musket and prepared a return a sharpshooter's fire when he was hit and killed instantly by a Union minie ball. He died without learning that he had been promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.
Present day Fort Garrott
Present-Day Fort Garrott

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