Tour Stop 10 - Stockade Redan

Stockade Redan
Stockade Redan

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Stockade Redan was constructed to protect the Graveyard Road approach to Vicksburg. The fortification was given its name because of the wall, or 'stockade,' of poplar logs built across the Graveyard Road. The redan was attacked twice, on May 19 and 22, and each time the Confederate garrison successfully repulsed the Federal soldiers.
Stockade Redan Viewed from the Union Lines
Stockade Redan as Viewed from the Union Line

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Imagine being a Confederate soldier behind these earthworks, firing at the attacking Federals, while intense Union artillery fire, along with keen-eyed sharpshooters, try to pin you down. Still the Southern force was able to hold their position, and following the failure of the May 22 assault, General Grant decided to conduct siege operations.
Brigadier General Martin E. Green
Brigadier General Martin E. Green
Confederate Brigadier General Martin E. Green was killed near the Stockade Redan by a Union sharpshooter. Only moments before, he had shrugged off warnings from his soldiers to stay behind the fortification wall, saying, "a bullet has not yet been molded that will kill me".
The Stockage Redan, (featured at left in photo) and line of Federal artillery positions (at far right).

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