Confederate Interments - Y

Yancy, Lieut. K 6th Missouri Infantry 4 Jun 1863 Soldier's Rest Still had a wooden headstone in 1905.
Yancy, A. G. 30th Alabama Infantry 1 Jun 1863 Soldier's Rest
Yancy, W. F. F 40th Georgia Infantry 25 Jun 1863 Soldier's Rest
Yarbrough, William Landis' Missouri Artillery 1 May 1863 Port Gibson/MS Wintergreen Cemetery Killed in action
Yeaiby, James E. B 40th Alabama Infantry 5 Mar 1863 Vicksburg Hospital Soldier's Rest Carried in the UDC Record as Yearby- James E.
Yeaon, J. D. E 41st Georgia Infantry 2 Feb 1863 Hospital No. 1 Soldier's Rest Carried in the UDC Record as Yearson- J. D.
Yergen, C. B. A 5th Mississippi [State Troops] 17 Dec 1862 Vicksburg Hospital Soldier's Rest
Yokely, S. L. Pvt. I 3rd Tennessee (Clack's) Inf. 12 May 1863 Raymond/MS City Cemetery Killed in action
Yonce, William L. Pvt. G 46th Mississippi Infantry 15 Aug 1863 General Hospital Petersburg VA Died of chronic diarrhoea. Captured at Port Gibson MS 3 May 1863.
Young, Arthur K 37th Mississippi Infantry 24 Jun 1863 Soldier's Rest
Young, Dorsey B Waul's Texas Legion 16 Jun 1863 Soldier's Rest
Young, F. M. F 31st Alabama Infantry 13 Dec 1862 Vicksburg Hospital Soldier's Rest
Young, I. J. 2nd Lt. C 46th Mississippi Infantry 10 Jun 1863 Soldier's Rest Died of Typhoid Fever.
Young, J. P. Pvt. H 46th Mississippi Infantry 12 Jul 1862 Soldier's Rest Died of disease.
Young, J. S. 2nd Lt. L 1st Mississippi Light Artillery Soldier's Rest Killed in action

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