Almeda Summer Butler Hart

Almeda Summer Butler Hart

Almeda Summer Butler Hart followed her husband into battle and fought as James Strong with Union troops at Vicksburg, indicated in excerpts from a letter penned to her mother:

...“We are within 4 miles of Vicksburg and are going to land and attack this evening. I expect before night comes again some of our numbers will be killed...This morning the enemy is seen in large numbers on every side but Dear Mother do not let this startle you in the least for we may live to see you again. Henry is quite well now but he may fall but if the troops all have as much courage as they do now appear to have we will in all probability gain the day. We are fifty thousand strong and well armed besides 4 thousand cavalry and 40 iron clad gun boats and if God is willing we will return safe again.

Mother, I am in more eminent danger than Henry is for I am Brigadier General Stuart’s orderly mounted. I have to carry messages from one part of the battle to another. You would be surprised if you were to see me for I have turned from Henry Hart’s wife to a nice young man... Dear Mother I will write to you again after the engagement is over. I will take good care of myself. I have got 2 good braces of pistols and a good sabre and I think that I can defend myself but we are going to have a big battle...Write soon to James Strong for that is my name now Dear Mother...”


- James Strong to Mother


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