Educator's Guide: The Arts: Singing Soldiers: Song Analysis


By analyzing the words of a song, the student can discover interesting facts about a particular historical event. During the Civil War, singing served as an outlet for soldiers to express their emotions and moods. The song "A Life on the Vicksburg Bluff" reveals what life was like for the Confederate soldier during the 47-day siege of Vicksburg.


Provide copies of " A Life on the Vicksburg Bluff" for students. Analyze the words and discuss the hardships of enduring a 47-day siege. Define "peabread" and discuss the problems associated with storing and supplying food during the Civil War.

Classroom Activities:

  • Language Arts
  • Music
  • Social Studies


  • 6- 12


The student will study song from a selected historical event and editorialize on its importance to a particular historical event.


Copy of " A Life on the Vicksburg Bluff"



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