Educator's Guide: The Arts: Singing Soldiers: "Aura Lea"

Aura Lea

Words: W. W. Fosdick, Esq.

Music: C. R. Poulton

Without the tradition of our "shape note" hymns, this beautiful melody could not have been written. Here is that unique fusion of hymn and spiritual which created that distinctive 19th century American flavor. In the present revival of folk music, Aura Lee has become very popular under the title of "Love Me Tender. "

Singing Soldiers: "Aura Lea"
Singing Soldiers: "Aura Lea"

1. When the blackbird in the spring - On the willow tree Sat and rocked, I heard him sing Singing Aura Lea. Aura Lee, Aura Lea Maid of golden hair Sunshine came along with thee And swallows in the air.

2. In thy blush the rose was born, Music when you spake, through shine azure eye the morn Sparkling seemed to break. Aura Lea, Aura Lea, Birds of crimson wing, Never song have sung to me As in that sweet spring.

3. Aura Lea! the bird may flee, The willow's golden hair Swing through winter fitfully, On the stormy air. Yet if thy blue eyes I see, Gloom will soon depart; For to me, sweet Aura Lea Is sunshine through the heart

4. When the mistletoe was green, Midst the winter's snows, Sunshine in thy face was seen, Kissing lips of rose. Aura Lea, Aura Lea, Take my golden ring; Love and light return with thee, And swallows with the spring.


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