Educator's Guide: Mathematics: Is it Enough? - Regiment Conditions

Your unit has suffered heavy casualties. Half of the unit must stay at headquarters, the remaining members have been injured and must gather supplies by hopping on one foot.

Your unit can only forage for supplies at night. All members are blindfolded.

Your unit is constantly being attacked by cavalry troops.

You lose half your supplies before returning to headquarters.

Your unit is surrounded and can only send one soldier at a time to collect supplies.

Each soldier can collect only one piece of paper before returning to headquarters.


To reflect the conditions of the Vicksburg Campaign, different supply scenarios can be tried.

1. A group of students acts as a supply train carrying all the supplies. They must walk in single file. They are harassed by a cavalry unit. Because the supplies are heavy the cavalry unit can only carry ten percent with them. The remainder can he gathered by the other units, however they have only 1 minute to gather what they can carry.

2. Two units represent troops living off the land. The troops can spread out in a line and forage.

3. Two units are Confederates at Vicksburg. Their supplies have been placed in the envelope. They lose half their ammunition during the first few minutes. Then all their water is polluted. They must share their food supplies with a civilian unit. The remaining unit is Union. They are constantly being resupplied. They control the water and have a perimeter around the city. The Confederate soldiers must sneak out of the fort to get ammunition. They barter with the Union soldiers for food. What supplies would the Union soldiers want? (tobacco) Each minute they loose a food source. Each minute Union forces acquire two supply papers.

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