Educator's Guide: Language Arts: George Yost Journal Entry Answer Key

1862 Journal Underweigh for Memphis 51

Friday Oct 24th

At 12 m. [midday] we reced mail on board. I recd one letter from Father he says that Dempsey who is on board the "Louisville" at this place has been sick for some time, and I who am within 1/4 of a mile of him did not know that he was sick until the news had traveled 350 miles up the river and gave me time to receive a letter which traveled the same distance and gave me the first intimation that anything was out of the way, well, and with the same boat which brought the mail orders came for the "Cairo" to get under way and to go up the river as soon as possible. I stated the case to the Executive Officer and asked his permission to go out in one of the boats that were going ashore to set me off on the "Louisville" and call for me as they came back (which would have been no trouble at all as the "Louisville" is lying between us and the shore) but no I could not go. I then wrote my brother a letter and enclosed Fathers and asked the officer of the deck if the boat which was going to take the mail ashore could throw the letter aboard the "Louisville" but no it could not be done would take too much time. Very well perhaps I shall be even with some of the yet. Suggested


1. Who was Dempsey?

2. On what ship was he stationed?

3. How far apart were George and Dempsey?

4. Why was George upset?

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