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Top Cottage (#1-8) - This trail takes you to the highest point on the Hyde Park Trails. When you reach the summit, you will have made the same climb that kings and queens and a host of foreign leaders made during some of the most critical days of the 20thcentury. Top Cottage, FDR's humble hilltop getaway hosted pivotal meetings that shaped world history. It also provided guests with a dramatic vantage point from which to view the natural beauty of the Hudson River Valley, FDR's cherished home.

Eleanor's Walk (#21-27) - Get to know Eleanor Roosevelt -wife, mother, and grandmother; Hyde Park neighbor, social activist, and "First Lady of the World" - as you hike the paths she walked daily for recreation and quiet contemplation. See the historic buildings that hosted family gatherings as well as powerful dialog among national leaders. Explore the woodland trails that inspired many of Eleanor's famous "My Day" columns.

Vanderbilt Riverfront Trail (#41-51) - The Hudson River sustained the livelihood of Native Americans, European explorers and landowners, African American slaves, and the scions of American industry. These trails traverse time, taking you on a journey from the first waterfront settlements through the "Gilded Age" of the early 20thcentury.

Winnakee Nature Preserve Trail (#61-66) - Welcome to Hyde Park's backyard! The Winnakee Nature Preserve is a community treasure, with over 100 acres of pristine woodland providing habitats for a surprising array of wildlife. Explore the woods where FDR developed his interest in forestry. Hear the stories of the Hyde Park volunteers who worked to preserve this land, and who continue to restore and maintain the woodland trails for your recreation and enjoyment.

Hackett Hill Trail (#81-85) - Since the mid-1800s, generations of Hacketts earned a name as some of the region's leading philanthropists. The Hackett Trail takes you on a historic path through farm and forest, on land that was donated by the family for the express purpose of recreation and youth activities. Trails also takes you to the site of an important archeological discovery: a once-thriving African-American Community that prospered in the 1700s.

Roosevelt Farm Lane (#91-99) - At one time the Roosevelt property encompassed over 1,500 acres of working farmland and forest. This trail winds you through woods FDR explored in his boyhood . Here he developed an appreciation for conservation and land stewardship that would become a cornerstone of his political philosophy.

Beatrix Farrand Garden Audio Tour (#100-106) - Come learn the story of Beatrix Farrand, America's first woman landscape architect and experience the historically accurate restoration of her earliest existing private garden.A walk through the garden gates at Bellefield affords a glimpse of lush Gilded Era herbaceous formal gardens and reveals the forward thinking landscape ideas of a pioneering designer.

Last updated: February 9, 2016

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