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Have you ever wondered who's behind the initials in parenthesis after each and every post we share? Meet our social media team and the people who bring Tuzigoot National Monument to you where ever you are, around the world.

A woman sits with knees up against a redwood tree.

Laura has been involved with environmental and natural history education since 2008. She began her career on Catalina Island working for a camp that taught students to conserve and respect their natural resources. After graduating from the Park Ranger Training Program at Northern Arizona University, Laura started her National Park Service career in May of 2013 here at Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot National Monuments.

Laura loves insects. If you find a cool insect on the trail, Laura wants to know about it (please just take a picture, Laura doesn't like to disturb them in their natural habitat). She also has a degree in agriculture, so if you want to talk about how farming is one of the most important developments in human history, she'd be up for that too. At home, Laura likes to cook, exercise, garden, hike, and take photographs of insects (did we mention she likes insects?).

(km) Ranger Krystina in Monument Valley

Krystina has been working at Montezuma Castle since 2011. She began as a Student Conservation Association intern and became an employee through the Pathways Program for students in 2012. Krystina recently earned her MA in archaeology from Northern Arizona University. Her thesis, “Same Story, Different Pueblo?” focuses on the interpretation of archaeological sites within the National Park Service in the American Southwest. When she isn't working as a park ranger, she enjoys fiber arts and spending time with her bearded dragon Arnold.

Krystina previously interned with the Flagstaff Area National Monuments (Wupatki, Sunset Crater, and Walnut Canyon) and is an avid supporter of the Passport to your National Parks and Junior Ranger program. She has earned badges from at least 34 parks, so far...

(sh): Ranger Sharlot

Sharlot didn't camp out until after her 18th birthday. Since then she's been hooked on all things outdoors! She has worked for MOCA (Montezuma Castle) and TUZI (Tuzigoot) since 2009, when she returned to her beloved home state of Arizona. Before that she explored the nature and cultures of Madagascar and Oregon. Now she loves to hike with her two dogs and husband, when she's not on the trail or leading the summer Junior Ranger camps at Montezuma Well. She also recently went back to school, deciding that she should get a master's degree to further focus her NPS career in archives and archeology.

Most of all, Sharlot likes finding out new things! So if something amazes you about our parks, let her know by posting it! If you still have an unanswered question after leaving, ask it on Facebook! She wants to stay connected with you.

Park Ranger holds a bird


Caitlin began her National Park Service career somewhat unconventionally. She worked for six years in the private sector as a retail manager, and during her tenure, discovered that her preferred way to decompress and recharge was to recreate on public lands. In 2017, Caitlin made the decision to quit her job and travel the country in search of her dream job in public lands management. She joined our team as a live-in volunteer at Montezuma Well, and was then hired as an American Conservation Experience intern. After completing her internship, she was hired on as a park ranger in 2018.

When Caitlin isn't in our park, she can be found hiking, birding, backpacking, road tripping, camping, admiring plants, practicing and/or teaching yoga, running, or in the kitchen preparing (and eating!) delicious plant-based meals. Send her all your bird and plant photos, she would love to help you identify them!
Volunteer in uniform


Willem, who is from the Netherlands, is one of our volunteers and has been with us since early November 2019.

After a 35 year career in the Oil Industry that took him to assignments in Bolivia, UAE, Egypt, Pakistan, England, France, the Netherlands and the US he retired in 2016 and decided to dedicate his time to volunteering. A children education project in Angola, the Texas Refugee Services and the Animal Justice League kept him busy for a few years until him and Sylvia decided to hit the road and volunteer for the National Park Services through out the North America. In his words, volunteering as part of the interpretation team keeps him active and engaged with society, encourages him to study and learn and allows him to give back some of his experience and knowledge.

This job, even if I don’t get paid, beats working at the lost luggage counter at an airport. Almost all people come to have a good time and are already in a good mood, so it is a great platform to make their experience even better.

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