Birds of the Verde Valley

Tavasci Marsh has been named an important bird area by the Audubon Society. All the habitats (the riparian areas, marsh and upland habitats) in the monument are used by a large number of bird species.

The number of species observed each month is highest during the breeding season, partly due to a large number of migrating birds, and species richness is high during both the breeding and non-breeding seasons. During the breeding season, black-throated sparrows, Bewick's wrens, and brown-headed cowbirds are among the most common species. Because a variety of habitats are present, even the most predominant species in a given year accounted for no more than 12% of the species observed.

Approximately 75% of the breeding species here are neotropical migrants that leave the Verde Valley during the fall or winter. Because of this there are major season shifts in bird community composition and ecology.

Bird Checklist for Tavasci Marsh area (via eBird)

Animal checklist for Tuzigoot (via iNaturalist)

Last updated: January 20, 2022

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