Current Weather Conditions

Although this area was once lush with vegetation and springs, it is now a desert. Temperatures range from the triple digits to freezing.

Average High Average Low
January 60 F (15C)
42 F (5C)
February 71 F (21C)
50 F (10C)
March 73 F (22C)
51 F (10C)
April 80 F (26C)
57 F (13C)
May 89 F (31C)
66 F (18C)
June 101 F (38C)
75 F (23C)
July 104 F (40C)
82 F (27C)
August 98 F (36C)
75 F (23C)
September 95 F (35C)
72 F (22C)
October 85 F (29C)
62 F (16C)
November 68 F (20C)
47 F (8C)
December 56 F (13C)
42 F (5C)

Last updated: February 13, 2015

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