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Romero - Rosemary - (Rosinarus officinalis)

Warning: the remedies and preparations listed below come from oral traditions and are not clinically proven. Do not attempt self diagnosis or self treatment with any of these uses without first consulting your doctor.

Parts used: Stems and leaves.

Romero is used for infections, acne, boils, nervous conditions, and inflammation after childbirth around birth canal, uterine and vaginal infections, heat rash, and mange in dogs.

Preparation for infections, acne, and boils: Wash the infected part and dry it. Make a powder by roasting the leaves and drying and grinding it. Strain it through cheesecloth or a coarsely woven cloth to make a fine powder. Apply dried to affected areas.

Preparation for nervous conditions: Boil it to make a tea with citrus flowers and with tejocote and five stars of star anise. Boil five to thirty minutes, depending on how strong you want it. Drink three cups daily.

Preparation for relief of inflammation after childbirth: Break it up into pieces, toast it and then boil it to make a tea. Use it as a tea and apply wet towels around the inflamed area.

Preparation for relieving uterine and vaginal infections: Use the tea as prepared in "Preparation for relief of inflammation after childbirth" above and douche every four hours, or soak a tampon in the tea and insert in the vagina. Change it every four hours.

Preparation for relief of mange in dogs: Dry the rosemary and powder it with a mortar and pestle. Sprinkle it on the affected areas to help relieve the condition.

To make punch: Heat one bar of Mexican chocolate with rue and rosemary in water and heat. Take two eggs and separate the whites from the yokes. Beat the whites until they are stiff. Then beat yolks. Add to mixture when cool.

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