San Felipe de Gracia Real de Terrenate

San Felipe de Gracia Real de Terrenate
1767 map of San Felipe de Gracia Real de Terrenate by José de Urrutia
The legend says: Plan of the Presidio of Terrenate, dependent upon the government of Sonora and located at 31 degrees and 35 minutes of latitude north, and 253 degrees and 54 minutes of longitude from the Tenerife meridian. Explanation: A.Captain's house; B.Guardhouse; C.Houses of the soldiers and some citizents. Note: that this presidio does not have a church and it is built out of adobes. Scale: two hundred fathoms. Joseph de Urrutia
The map also shows the roads to Fronteras and Tubac and the little Terrenate River (the headwaters of what is today the San Pedro River)

Couortesy of British Library


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