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The tale of Tumacácori spans many centuries and weaves a tangled web of cultures across continents. Start poking around in the stories surrounding Tumacácori and there's no telling where you may end up. Tales of woe, tales of joy, tales of labor and leisure. All were lived by real people in this real place. Some are still being uncovered by intrepid detectives of history.

Curious? Dive down into the rabbit hole and see where it takes you!

native man in white shirt and head covering

The original residents of Tumacácori, this large and diverse tribe occupied lands stretching thousands of square miles.

historic photo of native man with head covering, vest, and necktie
Yaqui (Yoeme)

The Yoeme worked closely with the Spanish and O'odham at Tumacácori and other missions.

photo of native warrior with shield
Apache (Inde)

Linguistically related to Athabaskan tribes, the Apache people probably were late arrivals to the cultural landscape of the Pimería Alta.

map of pimería alta with missions and presidios marked

The frontier of Spain's empire included missions, presidios, and ranches.

black and white photo of diorama battle scene

Tumacácori has seen thousands of years of human history. Some moments stand out more than others.

man with mustache in spanish military uniform
Soldiers and Military

Missions and presidios often came as matched pairs. Soldiers in Spanish uniforms were ever present on the frontier.

portrait of native woman

The lives of women were seldom described in official records, but certainly held huge importance for daily life.

man in black robe and hat with mustache

The Pimería Alta saw a parade of priests, some staying for decades, others who came and went within months.

park ranger doing maintenance on exposed adobe wall

Using traditional materials and techniques, the preservation team battles time, gravity, and the environment to keep Tumacácori standing.

parchment with caligraphy
Search Original Mission Records

Search by name, location, event, or other factors to see the original mission records from across the Pimería Alta.

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