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photo of Tule Lake Segregation Center from 1946, with horse mt in the back ground
Dear Friends,
I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who provided comments about the future of the Tule Lake Unit as part of the public review of the Tule Lake Unit General Management Plan and Environmental Assessment.

Your comments, whether in person at a public meeting or in writing, were insightful, passionate, and will ultimately help to navigate Tule Lake's future. We received hundreds of diverse comments on topics ranging from personal stories of people who were incarcerated at Tule Lake, to the treatment of the historic buildings at the Segregation Center, to public access on the Peninsula, to concerns about local land uses and boundaries. We've posted the public meeting notes online for viewing, and you can access them at: Several general comments merited a response or clarification, and we've provided responses to these concerns below.

The National Park Service is committed to protecting the Tule Lake Unit sites and interpreting Tule Lake's important histories and lessons. We are also committed to being good neighbors to our friends in the local Newell and Tulelake areas. As we embark on the implementation of the plan, we will continue to reach out to you and to communities with a vested interest in the future of the Tule Lake Unit.

We intend to complete the plan in fall 2017. The National Park Service will provide formal responses to all substantive comments and identify any changes to the final plan. The completion of the planning process will be widely announced, and final documents will be publicly available.

If you have any questions or concerns about this effort, please do not hesitate to contact me at e-mail us.

Your investment in this process continues to enrich the planning efforts for Tule Lake.


Larry Whalon
The following questions and concerns were raised by many people during the public review.

Question: Why did the National Park Service hold public meetings up and down the West Coast?

Answer: The National Park Service recognizes the diversity of interests and opinions about the Tule Lake Unit, its location, and the history it preserves. We wanted stakeholders to have the opportunity to voice their opinions to NPS officials involved in drafting the general management plan. The locations of meetings were selected to target areas with known stakeholders.

Question: What is the NPS's role relative to the ongoing lawsuit over the Tule Lake Municipal Airport and proposed perimeter fence?

Answer: The Tule Lake Municipal Airport and its fence are a Federal Aviation Administration and Modoc County issue. The National Park Service does not have authority to make decisions about the airport, including the construction of a perimeter fence. We remain neutral.

Question: Is the National Park Service planning to expand the boundaries of the Tule Lake Unit?

Answer: The National Park Service is not considering any boundary proposals or land acquisitions. Major changes to a national park boundary may only be accomplished through an act of Congress or presidential proclamation. Further, it is NPS policy to acquire lands only from willing sellers or donors.

Question: Why is the visitor center for the Tule Lake Unit going to be in the historic Carpenter Shop? It should be in a larger building because Tule Lake's history is complex.

Answer: The Carpenter Shop has over 2,200 square feet of space, which together with the possible interpretive exhibits in the jail, stockade, and additional stockade barrack would provide ample space for high-quality exhibits and visitor learning. Using historic structures prevents their deterioration, follows federal policies, and can be more cost effective than new construction. In an era of rapidly evolving technology and fiscal restraint, the National Park Service is looking for innovative ways to interpret Tule Lake's history for contemporary and future generations.

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