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August 24, 2016

Dear Friends,

On the eve of the National Park Service's 100th birthday, we'd like to thank you for your support and continued interest in thedevelopment of the Tule Lake Unit.

We're pleased to announce the anticipated release of thedraft general management plan (GMP) for public review in the coming months.Public meetings will be held on the West Coast and online during the publicreview period. A complete meeting schedule will be announced at that time.

The development of the Tule Lake Unit's GMP has been anongoing multi-year process. The National Park Service is committed to sharingTule Lake's important history with the public, preserving Tule Lake's uniqueresources, and sustainably managing Tule Lake into the future. The GMP willprovide guidance for the long-term development and management of the unit. Yourthoughtful suggestions and concerns during this planning process have informedthe vision and actions that compose the plan.

This GMP and environmental assessment is being prepared inaccordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the NationalHistoric Preservation Act. As part of the GMP process, Section 106 of theNational Historic Preservation Act additionally requires the National ParkService to evaluate the effects of proposed actions on historic properties.Consistent with the Code of Federal Regulations §800.8 (c), "Coordinationwith the National Environmental Policy Act: Use of the NEPA process for Section106 purposes," the National Park Service is integrating the Section 106and NEPA analyses in this GMP.Inaddition to the public meetings that will be held during the review period forthe draft GMP, separate Section 106 consultations will be announced.

We invite you to provide comments during the upcoming reviewperiod and encourage your continued involvement with this important planningwork for the Tule Lake Unit.

We'll see you soon!


Lawrence J. Whalon Jr., Superintendent


Your input is essential. As a new unit, there is no comprehensive plan for Tule Lake, and the National Park Service faces many issues and challenges for its future management. The most overarching issues are how to interpret what occurred at Tule Lake and how to ensure that visitors have meaningful experiences at Tule Lake tied to its history. In addition, planning will address the preservation of the unit's historic features and landscapes, its internal and adjacent boundaries, and how its areas could be developed for greater public access.

Let us all join together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration as we go forward!

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