Trail of Tears Guidebooks

There is no standard, widely-recognized guidebook that today's travelers can use to follow the main Trail of Tears routes (between the southern Appalachian Mountains and Oklahoma) and that help travelers locate important historical sites, trail segments, and interpretive sites along the way. The following books, however, collectively provide a substantial amount of trail-related site information.

Department of Arkansas Heritage, Heritage Trail, a Guide to Historic Arkansas Trails: Butterfield Trail, Civil War Trails, Southwest Trail, Trail of Tears (Little Rock, the author), 2012.

Duncan, Barbara R., and Brett H. Riggs, Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook (Chapel Hill, Museum of the Cherokee Indian and University of North Carolina Press), 2003.

Fitzgerald, David, and Duane H. King, Cherokee Trail of Tears (Portland, Oregon, Graphic Arts Books), 2007.

Gilbert, Joan, Trail of Tears Across Missouri (Columbia, University of Missouri Press), 1996.

Latch, Darrell, The Trail of Tears through Arkansas and Oklahoma (Tuscola, Illinois, Son Light Power), 2007.

National Park Service, Trail of Tears National Historic Trail: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Comprehensive Management and Use Plan, 2 volumes (Denver, the author), 1992.

Rozema, Vicki, Footsteps of the Cherokees, a Guide to the Eastern Homelands of the Cherokee Nation (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, John F. Blair), 1995.

Tennessee Division of Archaeology, The Trail of Tears in Tennessee: a Study of the Routes Used During the Cherokee Removal of 1838 (Nashville, the author), 2001.

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