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History and Culture

Do you want to know more about trail history and culture? Learn more about trail significance, the people, the places and the stories!

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What is a National Historic Trail?

Many folks wonder what a national historic trail actually is. Hear from trail staff about how we define these important parts of history.

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What's New

Check out current news, events, special projects, new research, and more!

A large tall tree grows up and straight behind the natural rock bridge.

The trail traverses through a range of habitats and geology. Learn more about the flora, fauna, and earth sciences that the trail passes by.

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Connect with Us!

Connect on social media, explore deeper on mobile apps, watch videos, and check out other digital media!

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Looking for teaching resources and lesson plans? Teach your students more about the trail with these helpful aids.

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Kids and Youth

Interested in becoming a Junior Ranger? Find activities, videos, and other ways kids have connected to the trail.

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The trail is administered by the National Park Service. Learn more about laws, policies, and trail staff.

Last updated: August 3, 2023

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