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Restore, Sustain, and Innovate

National Park Service Transportation Reauthorization White Paper
15 April 2013 | Download the full White Paper | PDF Format 182 Kb

The care and stewardship of Federally owned transportation facilities, including assets within National Park Service (NPS), is a paramount Federal responsibility and a top priority in the continuation of the Federal Lands and Tribal Program under the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) 1119; 23 USC 201. Now, work is under way related to the reauthorization of this legislation.

The NPS surface transportation reauthorization white paper, Restore, Sustain, and Innovate, is expected to be a living document which will incorporate future needs discoveries in concert with information from the field and users. Accordingly, Restore, Sustain and, Innovate is to be seen as a starting point for discussions with the understanding that it will remain open for adjustments and changes. A comprehensive NPS reauthorization "Resource Paper" is now under development.

Restore, Sustain, and Innovate defines three themes for reauthorization. First, the NPS is requesting base funding of $470 million per year to practice sound asset management strategies when addressing existing roads, bridges and alternative transportation systems. Second, an additional $150 million per year is needed for major large cost projects that exceed the base fund's capacity. Third, the NPS needs $25 million per year to support vital planning activities, long range transportation plans, strategic direction activities, management systems, ongoing data collection and inventories, condition assessments, inspections and other elements-all of which support Action 24, "Invest Wisely," from the NPS Call to Action plan.  The investment needs outlined in the white paper are primarily focus on preserving existing NPS transportation infrastructure in the parks.  

Download the full White Paper | PDF Format 182 Kb

If you have any questions please contact Mark H. Hartsoe, at 202-513-7025 or by email at Mark_H_Hartsoe@nps.gov.