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Long Range Transportation Planning

The Long Range Transportation Planning Program provides program management, policy, tools, processes, and guidance to coordinate a comprehensive approach to transportation planning within the NPS. Transportation planning addresses multimodal transportation needs, resource and environmental stewardship, visitor experience, and asset management to ensure that transportation systems provide efficient, enjoyable, and safe access in harmony with park resources and experiences.

The program works to restore, rehabilitate, and recapture the essence of experiencing our national parks. The benefits of long range transportation planning outcomes include the following:

  • Unimpaired access to park destinations, facilities and experiences
  • Improved transportation-related visitor experiences
  • Improved safety and reduced accidents, injuries, and fatalities
  • Reduced congestion at entrances, on roads, and in parking lots
  • Reduced or eliminated impacts to natural and cultural resources
  • Improved operational effectiveness of transportation investments
  • Coordinated alignment of capital, operations, and maintenance funding toward high-priority transportation investments
  • Incorporation of current legislative actions, executive orders, and policies.








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