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NPS Transportation Program Activities

The professionals who manage the National Park Service transportation program are the custodians of a vast transportation system that includes approximately 5,500 miles of paved roads, 4,100 miles of unpaved roads, 1,442 bridges, 63 Tunnels and 131 alternative transportation systems (e.g., buses, trolleys, ferries and trams) in 66 park units.

Roadways and bridges provide critical access to and within the parks, increasing park visitor enjoyment and safety, but also providing travel routes for thousands of commuters, business travelers, park vendors, and the general public.

The transportation infrastructure represents an enormous financial value; the system of paved roads and bridges alone represent a Federal investment of more than $20 billion dollars. And that investment must be protected by continued maintenance.

Nationwide, 408 National Park units cover more than 84 million acres. Access to and travel within these special places is made possible by the NPS transportation system.

Transportation System Characteristics Fact Sheet For a more in-depth summary of the NPS transportation program, see the fact sheet: Transportation System Characteristics. (.pdf | 194kb) 







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