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    Meet The Team

    JULY 2013: While many people come into the National Park Service having planned their education and career track, Jason “Jay” Newman will readily admit that he arrived at the NPS “kind of by chance.” Jay is the new guy at the WASO offices Transportation Branch, and after only six months, he’s assembled quite a list of tasks.


    DECEMBER 2012: Kristie Franzmann has been with the National Park Service for nearly 20 years. Unlike a lot of NPS staff, who came by way of work with other federal agencies, Kristie’s initial job after graduating with a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Illinois was a job at the Denver Service Center (DSC).


    DECEMBER 2012: Kent Cochran, the Regional Transportation Manager for the Southeast Region of the National Park Service, first started working for the Federal government not because of this long-standing interest in the outdoors, but because of storms. Really, really big storms.


    SEPTEMBER 2012: Paul Schrooten, a landscape architect who’s been with the NPS Alaska Regional Office for 14 years, wound up in a career not very different from several he was considering as early as his high school years.


    JULY 2012: Ms. Dawn Foy, Information Management Specialist , working in the project management office of Information Resources, NPS. Also a key developer of the Park Transportation Allocation and Tracking System (PTATS).


    JUNE 2012: Ms. Jayne Schaeffer, Transportation Program Manager for the Intermountain Region (IMR), based in Denver, Colorado.


    MAY 2012: Capt. A. Mark Anderson, Park Roads and Parkways Program and Public Health Officer, based in Anchorage, Alaska.