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Cuyahoga Valley: Changes In Transportation -2011; CVNP Staff.
Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) sits in the middle of a well-worn traveling route. The geography of the Cuyahoga Valley creates a naturally level corridor that runs north and south through a hilly landscape. For centuries travelers have taken advantage of the valley's pathway on foot, canoe, horse, canal boat, train, and interstate highway. Today four kinds of transport can still be seen side-by-side in the park: river, canal, railroad, and road. The page includes eight short movies in Shockwave format.

The Going To The Sun Road: An Engineering Feat - 2012; Glacier National Park Staff.
This series of short multimedia presentations makes use of a short video (using the 'Ken Burns' effect on still photos), and informational panels in a slide show of more still images to tell the story of the building of one of the National Park Service's iconic transportation triumphs: The Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park (1.9Mb)

Transportation Options in Glacier National Park, Montana - 2008; Glacier National Park Staff.
This short YouTube video describes the various transportation options available in Glacier National Park. It shows the transit buses that will take park visitors over the famed Going To The Sun Road.  (5:00 minutes)

Free Bus Transportation in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area - 2008; Glacier National Park Staff.
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area spans a 40-mile stretch of the Delaware River. Located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the park offers natural, cultural, and recreational attractions. This short 2:35 minute video shows a new way to travel through the park. The Pocono Pony offers two bus routes through the park - and they're free! (2:35 minutes.)

Trails and Rails Program - 2009.
This short video introduces the Trails & Rails program, an innovative partnership program between the National Park Service and Amtrak. This program provides rail passengers with educational opportunities that foster an appreciation of a selected region's natural and cultural heritage; it promotes National Park Service areas and provides a value-added service to encourage train ridership. It also renews the long tradition of associating railroads with National Parks. (1:33 minutes)




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