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Lying Lightly On The Land - 1998; ParkNet, National Park Service.
The National Park Service invites you to visit the exhibit, "Lying Lightly on the Land: Building America's National Park Roads and Parkways," at the National Building Museum from June 6, 1997 through March 1, 1998. An overview and six themes of the exhibit are summarized here as an introduction to the colorful period postcards found in "Wonderland" and "Postcard Tours". You may either explore them in order by following the 'road signs' or select the theme of your choice from the roadway at any time.

Yosemite Merced River Plan Workshop - April 2011.
The purpose of this workshop is to gain a common understanding of transportation issues and constraints and how these may affect river values. The Merced River Plan will identify opportunities for different types of transportation options that provide visitor access while offering a quality experience and protecting river values. The workshop will provide the public with the opportunity to participate in discussions about the various transportation and related access options that may be considered in the plan and how these may affect river values and their experiences. The workshop will showcase research, modeling and other information related to transportation considerations that will inform the development of the Merced River Plan. The workshop reports are presented as a series of PowerPoint presentations saved in .pdf format. (PDF | 136Kb)

National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection - Harpers Ferry Center Staff.
The National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection is comprised of more than two million images which cover a wide variety of subjects: Park architecture, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Native American heritage, NPS personnel, roads and transportation, scenic views, and much more. There are presently 1975 images from the Collection available online. The collections of several eminent National Park Service photographers, including Jack Boucher, Arno B. Cammerer, George A. Grant, and Abbie Rowe, are also included in the Collection.



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