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Director's Order #2 - May 27, 1998. Robert Stanton.
This director's order revises and replaces the policies and guidance included in chapter 2 of the National Park Service Management Policies (1988) and the NPS-2 Planning Process Guideline (1982) as they relate to park planning.

National Park Service Park Structures and Facilities - 1935.  National Park Service, Branch of Planning, Conrad L. Wirth, Assistant Director.
For some years, the National Park Service, State Park authorities and other agencies which administer natural park areas have been attaining a constantly improved technique of design and execution for the structures that are required for safe, convenient and beneficial public use of these parks. Stimulated by the problems this work has presented, competent architects have produced designs-and seen them converted into reality-that denote a real advance in this somewhat specialized field.Herein are presented some of the successful natural park structures,-a group by no means limited to those produced during the past two years or to those designed and erected under National Park Service supervision.

Sections include Signs and Markers; Barriers, Walls and Fences; Trail Steps; Bridges and Culverts; Dams and Crossings; Seats and Tables; Administration Buildings; Cabins; Service Buildings, and more. Each section is hyperlinked with professionally scanned plates from the original book.

Example section from National Park Service Park Structures and Facilities: Bridges and Culverts - 1935.  National Park Service, Branch of Planning
BRIDGES IN PARKS include foot, bridle trail, and vehicle bridges of widely varying widths, spans, heights, and types of construction. In the interest of limiting the classifications within this compilation, the less frequent underpass and the minor culvert are embraced within this section. The section contains dozens of examples of bridges, from simple platform bridges to classic stonework bridges.




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