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The National Park Service Transportation Program has developed and collected a number of publications, reports, and references dealing with a variety of transportation-related topics. The resources are divided into the sections displayed above, several of which are further sub-divided into sub-sections. We'll add to this resource section as new documents become available. Here's what you can expect to find in each section:

Articles - This section contains transportation-related articles and case-studies that have been authored by members of the Park Roads and Parkways team, or by other transportation professionals, such as the staff members of The John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, or the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit In Parks Program.

Documents - This Library section is sub-divided into two sections: Historical Archives, and MOAs & MOUs. The historical archives section contains links to historical documents that pertain to the NPS Transportation program, such as the 1935 book, "Park Structures and Facilities." In the MOAs & MOUs section, you'll find Memorandums of Agreement and Memorandums of Understanding between the NPS and other federal agencies, such as the FHWA, US Corp of Engineers, etc.

Reports - This section of the Library contains transportation-related reports prepared by The Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks Technical Assistance Center (TRIPTAC), the Park Roads and Parkways Program staff, and others. An example is the Bus and Ferry Lifecycle Cost Modeling System available through the VOLPE Center.

Multimedia - Our newest section in the Library is divided into two sub-sections: Photos & Illustrations, and Videos. Under the Photos & Illustrations section, you'll find links to collections of images, including he National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection at the Harpers Ferry Center. Under Videos, you'll find a collection of short transportation-related videos, many produced by Park staff members. An example is the Trails and Rails Program, which outlines the partnership between the NPS and Amtrak. 

Manuals & Handbooks - As its name suggests, this section includes transportation-related handbooks for the National Park Service. You'll find the NPS Transportation Planning Guidebook, as well as links to both the 1968 and 1984 Park Roads Standards handbooks.

Partner Programs - The NPS Transportation program works with a lot of other agencies to keep roads, bridges, and other transportation facilities available in NPS properties. Here you'll find links to partner programs such as the FHWA, TRIPTAC, the VOLPE Center, and more.







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