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The Compliance Ready Mega Project List (Feb. 22, 2018) has been published and can be downloaded as an Excel sheet from the NPS Transportation web site...
The Federal Lands Transportation Program (FLTP) Accomplishments report for FY2015 has been published and is available on the NPS Transportation web site...
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The Arlington Memorial Bridge FASTLANE Grant Award
Statement from the NPS Washington Support Office regarding the Arlington Memorial Bridge FASTLANE grant award: "The National Park Service has been notified by Members of Congress...

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Revised Revegetation Program Fact Sheet Posted
A revised version of the NPS Transportation Revegetation Program (TRP) fact sheet has been posted to the Transportation web site.

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The Team

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Sena Wiley
Sena Wiley stepped into the role of the Inter-Mountain Regional Transportation Division Chief approximately one and a half years ago. "It's crazy busy, but I've really been enjoying this position...it's just been a great experience," she says.
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The Swiftcurrent Bridge Replacement; Glacier National Park
By 2012, it was clear that the Swiftcurrent Bridge in Glacier National Park was rapidly losing its structural integrity. Bi-annual bridge inspection reports conducted since 2007 by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) had noted continued deterioration of the bridge, and recommended its replacement by 2017.

Spanning Swiftcurrent Creek at the outlet of Sw
iftcurrent Lake, the Swiftcurrent Bridge provides the only access to the Many Glacier Hotel for thousands of visitors each year, including vehicle and pedestrian traffic as well as horses used for concessioner-operated rides.
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