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Best Practices

Congestion Management Toolkit March 2014. Staff from the Denver Service Center (DSC) Transportation Division and WASO Transportation Branch have worked together to develop a Congestion Management Toolkit.  This resource is designed to provide technical assistance to park, Region and DSC staff with congestion management problems.  The toolkit takes a “problem-first” approach and uses a seven-step process to diagnose and treat congestion.  The toolkit can be used by park personnel to help quantify problems, identify potential solutions, analyze alternatives, and determine realistic expectations.  Multiple tools may be needed to resolve congestion issues.

The toolkit contains 59 different solutions, each with a description, implementation considerations, time to implement, and long-term capital and operations/maintenance costs.  The toolkit is available here and should be freely distributed. If you have any questions contact Linda MacIntyre at 303-969-2483 or Tom Canick at 202 513-7073


New Report: Denali National Park Bus Shuttle System Analysis March 2014. Denali National Park and Preserve (DENA) is located in south-central Alaska, with a broad expanse of mountains, valleys, plains and glaciers surrounding Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America. There is only one road throughout the entire park. All but the first 15 miles of the 92-mile road are closed to most private vehicles; visitors must use organized tours or the Visitor Transportation Service (VTS) shuttles to explore further into the park. Over the past several years the park staff and the VTS provider have worked together to develop innovative approaches to continually improve the transit service.

This is the first in a series of briefs exploring best practices in the various ways to provide transit service in national parks. While Denali operates in a unique environment, the VTS experience offers many lessons related to managing natural resources, using performance measures, working effectively with concessioners, and operating shuttle systems..<HERE>.





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