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Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails in Parks

Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails in Parks

Fact Sheet
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What is the Trails Program?
NPS assists in trail development by managing components of the National Trails System. This network spans thousands of miles throughout the park system and is comprised of the following trail designations:

  • National Scenic Trails - Scenic trails are dedicated primarily to foot travel and
    other non-motorized uses. Each Scenic Trail is over 100 miles in length and they
    often cross state lines.
  • National Historic Trails - These trails commemorate historic and prehistoric
    routes, and are of significance to the entire Nation.
  • National Recreation Trails - Recreation trails provide numerous outdoor
    recreation activities in a variety of urban, rural, and remote areas. This network
    alone features over 1,000 trails in all 50 states.

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