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Alternative Transportation Accomplishments

Since the establishment of the NPS Alternative Transportation Program (ATP) in 1998, the NPS has obligated approximately $72 million of NPS funds-an average of $8 million per year-toward more than 215 alternative transportation projects and programmatic initiatives. Over $22 million has been obligated for 132 projects/phases in the planning and design of systems, and $39 million for 83 implementation and construction projects. These funds, combined with programmatic activities, have resulted in:

  • the establishment of 13 new alternative transportation systems, 8 of which are partnerships serving the NPS and local/regional communities and operated by NPS partners;

  • capital improvements to 24 existing NPS alternative transportation systems

  • the purchase and lease of 78 alternative fueled vehicles to replace aging vehicles, expand existing systems, and implement new systems

  • assistance in developing a "next generation" snow-track shuttle for Yellowstone National Park

  • development of NPS policy and guidance including:

NPS Vehicle Procurement Guide
NPS Alternative Transportation System Design Guidelines
Prototype web-based NPS Travel Planner for parks in the Northeast Region
Financial Pro-Forma tool for estimating and reporting financial conditions associated with NPS alternative transportation systems

ATP Accomplishments Brochure

The Alternative Transportation Program (ATP) Accomplishments brochure, produced by the NPS Park Facility Management Division in 2003, outlines ATP core accomplishments relative to ATP goals. The brochure highlights the successes jointly achieved by NPS and their partners with recently implemented alternative transportation systems.

Download the ATP Accomplishments brochure here.





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