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Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels and Bus Resource Guide contains links to several reports and guides that provide information on many types of alternative fueled vehicles and general bus information. These include guidance on both vehicle selection and fueling facility design.

Alternative Fuels Assistance Program
Funded through a grant by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), a trial program to provide individual parks with assistance on alternative fuels was initiated in 2003.

Advanced Transportation Technology Institute (ATTI) received another grant through FTA in FY 2005.  The objective of the program is to help individual parks considering or currently using alternative fuels for their Alternative Transportation Systems.  Some of the services available to you through ATTI include:

- Independent review of proposed alternative fuel programs/recommendations;
- Analysis of clean fuel vehicle options for particular ATS;
- Analysis of park infrastructure needs for various alternative fuel vehicle fleets; 
- On-site technical assistance to address issues with existing alternative fuel  ATS  vehicles and supporting infrastructure;
- Information and training on alternative fuel vehicle maintenance practices;
- Information and assistance on data collection and analysis of ATS;
- Development of outreach materials on alternative fuels for various audiences; and 
- Assistance in developing coalitions to support alternative fuel vehicle deployments.

For more information refer to:

Memo - Jan. 14, 2005 Re: Alternative Fueled Vehicles
Memo - Jan. 9, 2003 Re:  ATTI and Alternative Fueled Vehicles

To see how ATTI has had a positive impact in increasing interest in advanced technology and clean fuel initiatives in our national parks view:  ATTI's Activities in National Parks.




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