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ROOF and ROOF FEATURES: Look at the Building From a Distance
Graphic Number 1, non-navigational This is an image of a historic building with a highly visible roof, with stone dormers, decorative metalwork and patterned red and black slatework. Photo: NPS files.
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Is the roof an important visual aspect of this large, freestanding historic building? Yes.

The windows and decorative stone work are distinctive, but the roof and roof features dominate. This roof is not only highly visible, it has elaborate stone dormers, decorative metalwork, and slatework. The red and black slates of differing sizes and shapes are laid in patterns that extend around the entire roof.

Any changes to the roof form, patterned slate work, or other roofing details would damage the visual character of the building.

Preserve a character-defining roof and roof features in the process of rehabilitating a historic building for a continuing or new use!

This is an image of a residential building with a steep roof and related features, such as the dormers and chimneys. Photo: NPS files.

Now LOOK carefully at the steep roof of this house because it is crucial to understanding the overall visual character of the exterior. You can see how the patterned tin work, six dormers, and two chimneys reinforce its prominence. Changes to the roof, such as removing or alterating the dormers, would change the character of this building. Preserve it!

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