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Allen Memorial Church, Edna, Texas
Allen Memorial Church, Edna, Texas

Caroline Wright, Texas Historical Commission

General Inquiries

Main phone: (202) 513-7270

By mail:
All US Postal Service mail to Federal agencies in Washington, DC is irradiated, which can damage or destroy materials and can lead to a delay of several weeks in delivery. We recommend that you contact us via alternate carriers at:

Technical Preservation Services
National Park Service
1849 C Street, NW
Mail Stop 7243
Washington, DC 20240

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Staff Directory

For general inquiries, please use the main phone number or email address above. The lead TPS reviewer for each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands is indicated below.

Brian Goeken, Chief
(202) 354-2033

Antonio Aguilar
(202) 354-2032
California, Michigan,
Puerto Rico, South Carolina

Renee Novak
(202) 354-2019
Florida, Virginia, Wyoming

Katherine Anderson
(202) 354-2051

Jennifer Oeschger
(202) 354-2025
Indiana, South Dakota

Amanda Apple
(202) 354-2296
Kentucky, Rhode Island,

Jenny Parker
(202) 354-2041

Jennifer Bailey
(202) 354-2059

Liz Petrella
(202) 354-2040
Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey,
North Dakota, Wisconsin

Jennifer Balson Alvarez
(202) 354-2055
Delaware, Tennessee

Quanisha Quick
(202) 354-1817
Admin Office

Karen Brandt
(202) 354-2046
Minnesota, New York

Tina Roach
(202) 354-2044
New Hampshire, Vermont

Anny Chau
(202) 254-2274
Admin Office

John Sandor
(202) 354-2030
Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii,
Oregon, Utah, West Virginia

Raluca Filimon
(202) 354-2053
Montana, Ohio

Angela Shearer
(202) 354-2038
Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma

Melissa Hall
(202) 354-2048
Admin Office

Rebecca Shiffer
(202) 354-2029
Pennsylvania, US Virgin Islands

Jo Ellen Hensley
(202) 354-2258

David Trayte
(202) 354-2016
Illinois, Texas

Vincent Lake, Ph.D.
(202) 354-2026
Alabama, Connecticut

Elizabeth Tune
(202) 354-2061
Alaska, Arkansas, District of Columbia

Carol Lovan
(202) 354-2023
Admin Office

Amy Elizabeth Uebel
(202) 354-2028
New Mexico, North Carolina

Cristin Moody
(202) 354-2052
Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada

Lindsay Wilkins
(202) 354-2007
Admin Office

Last updated: August 11, 2023