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QUIZ ONE. Identify the Overall Visual Aspects
Graphic Q is non-navigational This is an image of 3-story urban row houses comprised of rough-cut stone, featuring half-round projecting bays with conical roofs and a series of complex window and door openings. The image rolls over to provide the correct answer. Screen Reader users see text-only link, left, for answer. Photo: NPS files.
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Identify the Overall Visual Aspects

Since these row houses are connected at the sides, any evaluation of their visual exterior character is necessarily limited to the front walls. Based on information in the "Walk Through," what do you see as the primary character-defining aspect of the row houses when viewed from a distance?

Look, then Identify one of the following:

  Choice A is Materials. Materials
Choice B is Openings. Openings
  Choice C is Projections Projections

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