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This graphic Q is non-navigational This is an image of a brick building being insensitively repointed. The visual character of the front wall is being changed from a wall where the bricks predominate to a wall that is visually dominated by the mortar joints. The worker is apparently unaware of the problem. Photo: NPS files.

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We think the Quiz is worth your time. Why? Because if you can't define the historic character of a building and its site prior  to work, then you may very well destroy it during  the work! For example, look at the repointing project on this historic brick building. You can see the visual character being dramatically changed in the process!

In the 8-part Quiz,  you'll look at different historic buildings from a distance, up close, and inside. Given three possible choices for each Quiz, you are asked to pick the most important visual aspect based on information in the Walk Through. See how you do!

Choices may be partially valid, but the most complete answer is called "right."

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