The Historic House Maintenance Quiz!

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well maintained house poorly maintained house If you get a question right, you earn a well maintained "cheery house" (left). But if you miss a question, get ready to be corrected with a falling down "haunted house" (right). Click each illustration to enlarge so you can get the full benefit of the reward system offered as part of the quiz.

For each question, please choose ONE answer.

Question 1  Question 1.

The exterior "skin" of your house consists of:

A. The porch and front steps.

B. The roof, chimney and front yard.

C. All the surfaces of its functional and decorative features.

Question 2  Question 2.

What way was suggested to determine the condition of your house's "skin?"

A. Rub the surfaces with your open hand.

B. Ask your neighbor to tell you if it looks OK.

C. Look at it close up.

Question 3  Question 3.

When problems occur at the roof, along the walls, or at the foundation, it's generally because:

A. Your historic house was poorly built.

B. The connections between the house's parts are failing.

C. You spent your time and money furnishing the interior.

Question 4  Question 4.

Inspect your gutters and downspouts frequently, and clean them:

A. Every time it rains.

B. When you see water pouring down the side of the house.

C. At least twice yearly, late Spring and late Fall.

Question 5  Question 5.

If you have many wood windows that need repair, but limited time:

A. Paint the wood to give a nice appearance.

B. Repair the worst two or three each year.

C. Let them all go until you have to replace them.

Question 6  Question 6.

When the foundation's stones or bricks are tightly connected with mortar:

A. The water flows down the face of the foundation, not into the wall.

B. The house looks more attractive from the street.

C. The tight fit keeps the weeds out.

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