From the Roof Down...and Skin Deep
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What & When to Repair

Time to Take Action! You have seen how the house is connected from top to bottom. Now, by a series of illustrated examples, we'll show you parts of historic houses that "caretakers" have failed to properly maintain over time and learn why losing connections is NOT RECOMMENDED. In every instance, the failure to maintain and repair ultimately leads to more serious materials deterioration and replacement problems. Then--on the same page--you'll see firsthand why re-connecting parts of your historic house with simple repairs is always RECOMMENDED! From your house's perspective, you'll understand why ongoing maintenance is vital to its well being over time.

Below, a list of the specific parts and repair guidance you'll be seeing--from top to bottom:
drawing of well maintained house
This is what you want your house to be--well maintained, with all its parts connected and systems "up and running." Drawing: ©Charles Beyl, Illustrations.

The Roof/Gutter System
Starts at the top of the house with guidance on maintaining & repairing shingles, wall/chimney flashing, the roof valley, and gutters and downspouts.

The Wall System
Works down the side of the house with guidance on maintaining & repairing clapboards, trim, windows, and paint.

The Foundation/Drainage System
Reaches the bottom of the house with guidance on maintaining & repairing the foundation drainage and some practical advice on foundation plantings.

Please note: By using the navigation at the end of each page, you'll move "From the Roof Down" in a consistent manner--just the way we'd like you to when planning maintenance work on your historic house. But if you'd rather explore on your own terms, please use the Site Map.

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The Roof/Gutter System: Shingles

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