From the Roof Down...and Skin Deep
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A Cooperative Project. From the Roof Down & Skin Deep is another in a series of long distance learning programs sponsored by Technical Preservation Services (TPS), Heritage Preservation Services, and featured on "Links to the Past." Sharon C. Park, FAIA, is Chief, TPS.

Cooperatively created, written, and designed by Kay Weeks, Heritage Preservation Services, National Park Service and John Leeke, a Preservation Consultant from Portland, Maine, the program breaks new ground in its presentation of materials deterioration and hands-on remedies to repair and preserve specific historic features.

Kay Weeks develops Standards, Guidelines, Preservation Briefs, and videos, as well as other training products, such as web sites with an emphasis on self-paced distance learning modules. Audiences include historic property owners and managers, architects, developers, federal agencies, state and local governments, and historic district commissions.

John Leeke John Leeke has extensive professional background as a preservation tradesperson, writer, and educator on the subject of historic building maintenance. He has also contributed articles on various aspects of preservation work to technical and home-oriented journals, and NPS-sponsored books, and publishes his own series of short guides, "Practical Restoration Reports" as well. His web site, Historic Homeworks can be accessed at

Illustrator and designer, Charles Beyl, created the "cheery house" and "haunted house" featured on the main quiz page and all answer pages. His web site is:

The authors wish to thank the following people for reviewing the web site and providing helpful and supportive comments: Sharon C. Park, FAIA, Terry Childs, Fran Gale, James Laray, Matt Burns, Rebecca Shiffer, Kathleen Madigan, John A. Burns, and Laurie Hempton, all of NPS; and Dan Mitchell, Mark DiChiara, and Peter T. Gompper, all preservation consultants in the private sector.

Photos and Illustrations. Although the text in our web site is in the public domain, the photos and illustrations are copyrighted. The rights to the photos and architectural drawings are held by John Leeke and available from him only by written permission. The rights to the "cheery" house and "haunted" house are held by Charles Beyl and available from him only by written permission.

Van Bergen Farmstead by John Heaton (1733)

Appreciation is extended to the New York State Historical Association in Cooperstown, New York, for permission to use a detail from a seven-foot-long painted panel of the Van Bergen Farmstead (1733), by John Heaton, as the basis of a graphic for the splash page and page headers. The rights to this painting are held by the Association. Among the Association's most important holdings are its historic photographs collection, which number more than 125,000 images. They represent the history and technoogy of photography and provide a rich visual documentation of times past, from the natural landscape to the everyday experience of ordinary people.

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