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Technical Preservation Services publishes state-of-the-art information about caring for historic buildings.

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Co-Published Materials

Technical Preservation Services works with partners to produce technical publications and conference and workshop materials. Visit our partners’ sites order these and other materials.

Caring for Your Historic House. Comprehensive guidance on the maintenance and preservation of historic homes. Topics written by 22 leading preservationists include structural systems, roofs, windows, masonry, woodwork, plaster, paint, wallpaper, mechanical systems, kitchens and bathrooms, landscaping, and more. 256 pages. 187 illustrations. 1998. Available from Heritage Preservation, Inc.

Keeping it Clean: Removing Dirt, Paint, Stains, and Graffiti from Historic Exterior Masonry. Anne E. Grimmer. Covers all aspects of a cleaning project—identifying building materials to be cleaned and ones that might be affected by cleaning; scheduling cleaning around other work; what to ask for in “cleaning specs,” and what kind of test cleaning procedures to use. Useful chart summarizes cleaners and removal techniques. 45 pages. 35 illustrations. 1988. Available from Preservation Resource Group, Inc.

Moving Historic Buildings. John Obed Curtis. Discusses the limited circumstances under which a historic masonry or frame building should be moved. Establishes a methodology for planning, research, and recording prior to the move; and addresses the siting, foundation construction, building reassembly, and restoration work after a successful move has taken place. 50 pages. 47 illustrations. Selected bibliography. 1975, reprinted 1991. Available from the International Association of Structural Movers.

Preserving the Recent Past. Deborah Slaton and Rebecca Shiffer, editors. A landmark publication on evaluating, maintaining, and reusing 20th-century cultural properties. Discusses resource evaluation; preservation and reuse strategies; conservation of modern materials; and includes a detailed reading list. 1995. Available from Historic Preservation Education Foundation.

Preserving the Recent Past II. Deborah Slaton and William Foulks, Editors. Historic Preservation Education Foundation/National Park Service. A companion piece to the first volume; examines evaluation, planning, maintenance, and rehabilitation issues of historic properties from 1920s to the 1970s. 2000. Available from Historic Preservation Education Foundation.

Window Guide for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings. Charles E. Fisher, III, Deborah Slaton, and Rebecca Shiffer, Editors. A comprehensive guide to the preservation and rehabilitation of windows in historic buildings. Topics include code compliance, energy conservation, maintenance, custom fabrication, repair techniques, and historic technology. 1997. Available from Historic Preservation Education Foundation.

The Window Handbook: Successful Strategies for Rehabilitating Windows in Historic Buildings. Charles Fisher, Editor. Includes Preservation Tech Notes, Windows 1–17. Please note that 1–9 are available only in this publication. Available from Historic Preservation Education Foundation.

Working on the Past with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. Explains the differences among the treatments Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration, and Reconstruction. Provides guidance for choosing a historic preservation treatment through examination of four historic properties. Film. 1996. Available from Historic Preservation Education Foundation.