Be A Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger Booklet and Badge
Ask for a booklet and earn your Junior Ranger Badge at Tonto National Monument!

Become a Junior Ranger at Tonto National Monument!

There are three Junior Ranger programs to choose from; ask for a booklet at the visitor center front desk when you arrive. You can earn all three Junior Ranger awards during your visit!

Tonto National Monument Junior Ranger Program
To earn the monumnet's Junior Ranger badge, complete 6 activities for your age group.

Coming Soon- Tonto National Monument Mini Ranger Program
The Mini Ranger program is designed for families with children 5 years and younger.


Historic Preservation Junior Ranger Program
Learn about the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 and commemorate it's 50th anniversary. To earn this badge, you need to complete the required amount of activities for your age group.

Night Explorer Junior Ranger Program
Learn about the Night Sky! To earn this patch, you need to complete the number of activities based on your age. Also, you will need to attend the Monument's Night Sky event or complete the "Take a planet walk" activity found within the activity book.

Avaliable Awards
Although the Arizona Archeology Junior Ranger and Centennial Junior Ranger booklets are no longer avaliable at Tonto National Monument, we still have the badge and patch awards. Please bring your completed booklet into the visitor center to earn your award!

Not able to visit us? Become a National Park Service Web Ranger instead!

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Please call if you have any question on Tonto National Monument or the cliff dwellings. Call to check availability and book a guided tour for the Upper Cliff Dwelling (November through April).

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