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Ranger leading field trip at Lower Cliff Dwelling
All students are able to explore the Lower Cliff Dwelling during a field trip to Tonto National Monument.

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4th Grade: People of the Past

Students will be introduced to the legacy and culture of the prehistoric Salado people in fourteenth-century Tonto Basin. Students will also learn how archeology helps us in understanding the past. 3.5 hour field trip
Optional: 30 minute corn grinding demonstration
Arizona Common Core Standards Met and Field Trip Itinerary

5th - 8th Grade: Protecting Our Nation's Lands
Students will become aware of the Antiquities Act of 1906 and the National Park Service Organic Act (1916). Students will then analyze the historic and scientific value of Tonto National Monument and other National Park Service units. 3 hour field trip
Arizona Common Core Standards Met and Field Trip Itinerary

6th - 8th Grade: Measuring Up
Students will explore and study two different ecosystems located in Tonto National Monument. Using the inquiry process, students will study how the ecosystems are different and how they work together to sustain life. 3.5 hour field trip
Arizona Common Core Standards Met and Field Trip Itinerary

All Other Grades:
We offer customized programs for all other grades who visit Tonto National Monument. Please contact us to design your field trip.

To Make a Reservation:

To provide the highest quality education program for your students, we offer field trip programs October - April.

Download and complete the Ranger Program Reservation Form and Fee Waiver Application Form and return the complete forms to us. We ask for reservations to be made two weeks in advance.

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Please call if you have any question on Tonto National Monument or the cliff dwellings. Call to check availability and book a guided tour for the Upper Cliff Dwelling (November through April).

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