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Student Reporters Program

During your class visit to the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historical Site, students will take on the role of reporters, recording their first-hand observations of the historic site where Theodore Roosevelt became president in 1901. Students will learn about the people, culture, ideas, and events of 1901 by analyzing primary sources, experiencing multi-media presentations, and interacting with knowledgeable site interpreters during a tour of key historic rooms and exhibition spaces. Students will delve into history with diverse experiences including role play, group discussion, creative drawing and writing exercises, decoding challenges, and multi-sensory observation activities. Explore the Pre-Visit Resources & Post-Visit Resources below to prepare students for their visit, make curriculum connections, extend the learning experience, and further explore the role of the media in a democratic society.

After Your Visit

E-mail Interpreters at TR Inaugural Site

Your class may have follow-up questions about their visit and the historic events of 1901. E-mail them to us and a TR Inaugural Site interpreter will write back with information or suggestions about resources that can help you to continue your research! e-mail us

(Please do not distribute the e-mail address to students to send their own messages. The teacher is asked to compile a list of questions and send one message for the class.)

Create a Class Newspaper

Students use their own first-hand experiences at the TR Inaugural Site to write articles about the historic events of 1901 in Buffalo for a class newspaper.

Create a Class Newspaper Part II

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