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Walk the Tawa Trail

Man walking a trail under a sunset sky with clouds
Walking the Tawa Trail

NPS Photo/Jacob Holgerson

Enjoy the tranquility of the grassland as the paved trail leads you to scenic Tawa Point. The 1.2-mile one way Tawa Trail is a perfect place to stretch your legs after a long road trip. You will have views of the shortgrass prairie (particularly nice during wildflower season) and the red part of the Painted Desert. In Hopi ideology, Tawa refers to the Sun Spirit, the creator of the World. The Hopi are one of several modern Native American groups who are connected to the rich, varied history of Petrified Forest.
Depends on the individual's abilities.
You can start the 1.2-mile one way walk from either the Painted Desert Community Complex or Tawa Point. There is a bench along the way to sit and enjoy the view. It is a relatively easy, hard-surfaced, path through the grassland.
BARK Ranger:
·Bag your pet’s poop.
·Always keep your pet on a leash.
·Respect wildlife.
·Know where you can go.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
The south trailhead for Tawa trail is located near the entrance station at the Painted Desert Community Complex.
Year Round
During park hours
Accessibility Information
Hard-surface, wide trail, plenty of places to turn around as needed. 

Meets standards for outdoor developed areas.

Typical grade 2.3% with grades up to 8.3%
Typical Cross Slope: 2%                                 
Max Cross Slope: 5%
Typical Tread Width: 60 in (152.4 cm)
No obstacles

Petrified Forest National Park

Last updated: March 21, 2021