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Walk Long Logs Trail

Late light on gray and purple badlands behind petrified logs under a lavender sky
Long Logs Trail

NPS Photo/Stuart Holmes

Long Logs is one of the largest concentrations of colorful petrified wood in the park, including some of the longest logs. Explore this ancient log jam at the base of purple and gray badlands along a paved half-mile loop (access trail is 0.5-mile one way—you can add this with Agate House Trail). Please leave petrified wood for others to enjoy. Report any removal of petrified wood or other materials to park staff.
Depends of the individual's interest and ability.
Round trip, Long Logs Trail is a relatively easy walk of 1.6 miles along a paved path. There are many long petrified logs and a lot of petrified wood pieces near scenic gray and purple badlands.
BARK Ranger:
·Bag your pet’s poop.
·Always keep your pet on a leash.
·Respect wildlife.
·Know where you can go.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
Park at Rainbow Forest, walk across the bridge, continue up the 1/2 mile access trail, stay twards the left for the 1/2 mile Long Logs Loop.
Year Round
Open during park hours
Accessibility Information
The first half-mile of this trail is paved and suitable for mobility equipment and strollers. Strollers may be negotiated on the loop, but it is not recommended for most wheelchairs and other mobility equipment due to its narrow turns, grade, and rough surface.

Tread width: 85 in (216 cm), min 50 in
Grade: 3.5%, max 20.5%
Cross Slope: 2.9%, max 17.4%

Petrified Forest National Park

Last updated: March 21, 2021