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Hike Beaver Pond Overlook Trail

Beaver pond surrounded by trees, reflecting a blue and cloudy sky.
The wetlands created by beaver dams are important habitat for other wildlife.


Experience a timelaspe video of the Beaver Pond Overlook Trail!

A short uphill hike through an aspen and pine forest leads to a rocky outcrop high above a beaver pond. Beavers are active active in this pond and this trail also provides great birding opportunities, and the possibility of spotting large wildlife. Early morning and late evening are the best viewing times for wildlife.

Difficulty: Moderate
Hiking Distance: 0.4-mile (0.6-km), total for round trip
Restrooms: A vault toilet is located just after the trail start

10-30 Minutes
Pets are not allowed on trails at Voyageurs national Park to prevent the possible transmission of diseases to the wolf population.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
The trail is located at the second parking area as you drive up Meadwood Road towards the visitor center. The Kab-Ash Trail also has trailheads here.

Summer season use: Hiking
Winter season use: Snowshoeing
Be sure to carry a good flashlight if you will be on the trail before sunrise or after sunset.
Accessibility Information
The trail starts as a 4 foot wide flat gravel path before the final section which includes stairs and walking on sloped rock. A railing runs alongside most of the climb.

The parking space closest to the trailhead is reserved for handicapped visitors.

Voyageurs National Park

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1 minute

Starting at the trailhead from the parking lot near the Ash River Visitor Center and ending at the end of the overlook.

Detailed map of the southern portion of the Ash River Visitor Center area with mileage distances on near by trails.
Map of the Ash River Visitor Center hiking trails - southern portion


Last updated: July 27, 2022